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Interior Design through the Eyes of a Teen: Parent-Proofing Your Home Parenting is, for lack of a better word, a fluid endeavor that changes over time. From child proofing your home when you have toddlers running around to finding ways to ‘parent-proof’ rooms so your very secretive teens feel safe […]

Interior Design through the Eyes of a Teen

home improvements
Does Your Home Need Some Improvements? Soon it will be a new year. People will start new things and make improvements in their lives. It is also a good time to evaluate your surroundings and consider what home improvements you can make. It could be something as small as organising a […]

5 Ways To Make Your Home Look Amazing

Are you caring for your hair properly? There are lots of reasons why hair loss occurs and it can happen to anyone at any age. Lots of my hair fell out every time I was pregnant. Breastfeeding didn’t help either. All of your nutrients are on direct route to the baby […]

The 5 Most Incredible Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

We Have a New Home We recently moved into a newly built house. Finally a place that feels like home. A perfect blank canvas to decorate exactly how we would like it. I am really enjoying buying things to give each room some character. We have lots of plans for certain areas of […]

Decorating Your New Home

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Less Fussy? Now that my youngest two children are in school full time. They don’t need packed lunch boxes as they are provided free by the school. However my older children who go to high school and college still take a packed lunch. Often in includes the easiest thing they […]

Packed Lunches for Older Children

  I love it when my family and friends come to stay, and in an ideal world I’d be able to offer them an entire room that was always ready for any surprise visits, but finances and lack of space means that this just isn’t possible. However, due to the […]

Ways To Make Guests Feel Welcome in Your Home

Stable Life As a child I was always wandering off for little walks. On a Sunday my Mum and I used to go for a really long walk with the dog. We always used to pass the horse field and I always used to stop and say hello to them. A […]

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