We Have a New Home We recently moved into a newly built house. Finally a place that feels like home. A perfect blank canvas to decorate exactly how we would like it. I am really enjoying buying things to give each room some character. We have lots of plans for certain areas of […]

Decorating Your New Home

munch bunch
Less Fussy? Now that my youngest two children are in school full time. They don’t need packed lunch boxes as they are provided free by the school. However my older children who go to high school and college still take a packed lunch. Often in includes the easiest thing they […]

Packed Lunches for Older Children

  I love it when my family and friends come to stay, and in an ideal world I’d be able to offer them an entire room that was always ready for any surprise visits, but finances and lack of space means that this just isn’t possible. However, due to the […]

Ways To Make Guests Feel Welcome in Your Home

Stable Life As a child I was always wandering off for little walks. On a Sunday my Mum and I used to go for a really long walk with the dog. We always used to pass the horse field and I always used to stop and say hello to them. A […]

Its all horse

  5 Tech Gadgets for Kids Travelling on International Flights When traveling internationally with the kids, toss the strict screen-time rules out the window. You need to keep them continually entertained and you need tech gadgets to do it. Long gone are the days of jacks and marbles keeping the […]

5 Tech Gadgets for Kids Travelling on International Flights

Simple Ways to Have Fun with Your Teens Every parent of teenage kids knows only too well that these can be trying times. Even at the best of times. This is the point in your children’s lives where they are somewhere between childhood and adulthood. If you think it’s hard […]

Top Tips for Family Time with Your Teenager

Which Holiday? Whether you want to go abroad, have a staycation or go camping, budgeting for it is essential. This year the kids and I plan on buying a tent and camping in the UK. We have family to visit that are all in different areas of the country. I […]

10 Ways to Save Money For Your Holiday

Bedding for children that stays put. Sleepless nights are something I will never get used to and you would expect that once your child starts sleeping through they will always sleep through, unless they are ill. But no, they don’t and if they are sneaky enough they end up in […]

Tuck N Snug Childrens Bedding

What to Wear for This Year’s Summer Parties    Summer is approaching and with it come a plethora of parties. However, summer can be a tricky time to choose what to wear. You need to balance being cool and comfortable with stylish. This is not always easy as it is […]

What to Wear for This Year’s Summer Parties

Blaze and the Monster Machines – New Toy Launch Blaze and the Monster Machines is a children’s program that is shown on Nick Jr. If you have a child that watches the show then this news is for you… On Wednesday 16th March UKMums.tv is hosting a Blaze and the Monster Machines […]

Blaze and the Monster Machines – Twitter Party