Hospital, Illness and a New Puppy

I have been absent on and off over the last month and have fallen behind with things as so much has been going on and more than I am going to tell you about but it started when littlest M got sick. As you may or may not be aware that she was admitted to hospital at 6 weeks old and diagnosed with kidney reflux, it was a horrendous time having to walk away from my tiny little newborn while she had a lumbar puncture and various other needles stuck in various other places, scans, ultrasounds, blood tests, urine samples, mag3 scans DMSA scans…not the easiest thing to collect from a baby but the short of it is that she has one kidney bigger than the other and scar tissue, all this, means she has to be on prophylactic antibiotics permanently until an unknown date in the future. This is where you take a low dose antibiotic to prevent further infection which would obviously lead to further scarring. I seem to have picked up a fair few medical terms over the years but now I seem to have learnt some more. 

Every time my little moo gets a temperature with no other symptoms which has been a fair few times over the last two years we trot off to A&E with a sample for them to test just in case she has another infection. Most of the time it turns out to be a tooth or something else but I don’t wait around for other symptoms to show because of the risks. Well this time she didn’t have a temp but was complaining of pain down there and I was right to check as nitrates showed up, meaning infection so as it was caught early they gave oral meds so we were able to go home, a week later she got a really high temp and so we went back with another sample, no nitrates but other things and purple spots started to appear on her skin that didn’t disappear to the touch, not a good sign so more needles, bloods, urine samples and generally being poked and prodded by various doctors and then admitted for intravenous meds. 

It brakes my heart that now she is older and not a new born baby, she is scared of doctors and nurses and every time we were even walking past one she just kept saying mum, worrying whether she was going to be pinned down for more needles or someone poking a lolly stick in her mouth to have a look.

The samples they sent off came back with mixed results and they totally lost the blood results which I found extremely frustrating to put it politely, because of the amount of needles she had to endure to get that sample was not funny. So we will never know if she actually had septicaemia but the main thing is she is ok now, all be it scarred from the experience but I am hoping she is still young enough to forget. Having said that she still has lots more tests to endure until we find out if the smaller kidney has grown and caught up with the other and if the reflux is still happening as it may mean a major operation to correct it.

So what did this crazy mummy do? saw a puppy online and started looking for one with the thoughts, husbands birthday, little moo being so ill and it leaving her so clingy and just the general talk in the family of them all wanting a dog,  was the only one that didn’t because who is the one who has to do all the work, yes muggins! I don’t know what made me do it, I was saying in my head I don’t want a dog but I just couldn’t stop myself and so now we have a little black Labrador called Pickle and she has been taking up a lot of my time, time I already didn’t have! 

What happened next? well for the last 5 days I have been really ill with tonsillitis, I haven’t had it this badly for years, it really knocked me for 6. Luckily my wonderful husband (don’t tell him I said that ;)) took over and looked after us all, me the 4 kids and the dog. Bless him I really don’t know what I would have done without him, he has it now too and earlier I had to take big M to the docs as it looks like she has it too! 

Illness and germs this is a quick message for you… You weren’t welcome in the first place and we have had more than our fair share, please do one and don’t come back!

Today is the first day that I have really started to feel better so I thought I would update while I had the chance, why aren’t there more hours in the day?
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