Back to school with Vosene, Win a Backpack Full of Goodies

Say Hello to Happy Healthy Head Lice Free Hair
with Vosene Kids and Win a Back to school Vosene Set!

Vosene Kids Nitwatch Website has recently relaunched.The website includes an online heat map which tracks head lice outbreaks, allows parents to request samples of the products and has lots of great advice on preventing head lice. 

We have been sent some sample of the products below and I have to say the detangle spray works really well for detangling, the smell is quite strong but it works and I for one will be using these products on the kids come September when they are back at school and nursery. They contain natural products which really work at preventing nits. I have to also say that this is a preventative method which is better to be used before they start back at school. Check the website for some more info and advice.

Vosene Kids 3in1 Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioning Defence Spray work together to clean, condition and detangle your child’s hair, as well as containing natural ingredients to help prevent head lice. Say hello to happy hair!

Vosene Kids 3in1 Conditioning Shampoo (RRP £2.54, 250ml) –gently cleanses and conditions your kids’ hair and scalp leaving naturally healthy shiny hair. Our specially formulated shampoo also contains natural Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Eucalyptus to help keep head lice at bay when used alongside our Conditioning Defence Spray (below).

Vosene Kids Conditioning Defence Spray (RRP £2.54, 150ml) –this fantastic leave-in spray detangles and smooths your child’s hair, instantly taming the worst bed head and the most unruly knots. The clinically proven formula also helps protect against head lice – using natural ingredients such as Eucalyptus Oil, Citronella Oil and Rosemary Oil. Suitable for children aged 3 and over.

Vosene Kids 3in1 Conditioning Shampoo & Conditioning Defence Spray are found in the children’s shampoo aisles in high street supermarkets and chemists. For more great advice on helping prevent head lice and keeping hair happy and shiny visit

To celebrate the relaunch I have teamed up with Vosene to give away a backpack filled with goodies…

The Vosene Kids back to school back pack prize includes: Vosene Kids 3in1 Conditioning Shampoo and Conditioning Defence Spray with natural head lice repellents, Vosene Kids Back Pack, Pencil Case and a £10 Tesco Voucher. Total value £30. We have one to give away J.ust complete the form below

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