Classic Tiny Tears Interactive Doll from John Adams

If there is one thing that little M loves to play with it’s a teddy or baby doll. They tend to be by her side at every moment from sitting with her at the table for breakfast to sleeping in a doll sized cot right next to her bed at night.

When Tiny Tears arrived it was like we had a real baby in the house, little moo, inspected every inch of her and gave her lots of kisses and cuddles. She soon became her best friend and is by her side every minute of the day and if G comes along and moves her, she goes nuts until Tiny Tears is put back, then calm is resumed. 

This fully interactive doll is 38cm in height and comes with a one piece outfit, headband, bib, bottle, nappy and potty. It takes 3 LR44 batteries which are included and already installed for you, I always find this a bonus with toys, especially when they are Christmas presents because I am one of those mums that forgets to buy the batteries!
Tiny tears makes real drinking sounds when you feed her using her bottle and when she has finished she burps. If you press the button on her upper back she cries real tears and the lower button on her back gets pressed in when she is sat on the potty and she will wet. Then you can press her tummy and she will, laugh, cry or say mama.

I must admit when I saw that it wets, I was a little apprehensive to let little moo actually put any water in the bottle as when Big M was little she had a similar doll that could feed, only the liquid would run straight through the doll and you had to make sure that it always had a nappy on or sat on its potty, never the less it ended up being a doll that was played with in the bath so we didn’t have leaks every five minutes. Tiny Tears has pleasantly surprised me and will only wet when placed on her potty or the button on her lower back is pressed. This gives me no hesitation when my little one wants to feed her baby, the only time she has been frustrated is because she can’t put this one in the bath with her but we get around that by sitting Tiny Tears on her potty. This is also a great toy for encouraging your child to sit on their potty if you are trying to toilet train. 

Classic Tiny Tears Interactive Doll from John Adams Toys can be bought from Amazon for around £26.99.

Little Moo really loves this doll and I highly recommend it too. This was also a winner in the Best New Toy Awards at the London Toy Fair.

You also have the chance to win a Classic Tiny Tears interactive doll in time for Christmas by completing the form below.

Tiny Tears Classic Interactive Doll

We were sent this item in return for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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