Make up bag from Victoria Green

This gorgeous range of cosmetic bags from Victoria Green are absolutely gorgeous. I just love them all and glad I didn’t have to pick which one because the prints are all lovely. I have the one pictured below and its the prefect size for weekends away or sleep overs, it has a cute spot print on a coated cotton canvas material, its also fully lined and Debenhams is a place I always return to for my cosmetic bags as they last so long and are really good quality.

Victoria Green ‘Summer Meadow’ Print Wash Bag £12: A thoughtfully designed wash bag with 2 internal pockets to help you organise your bits and bobs, plenty of space for toiletries inside, and a zipped pocket on the front. Beautifully printed with our summer meadow pattern, it has pretty polka dot detailing, and the coated cotton canvas is wipe-clean and waterproof. Exclusive to Debenhams. View the full range here.

I also have this bag from the range to give away, just complete the form below to enter.

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