Hide And Seek Holly From Character

Character Toys have released a new Ben & Holly toy called “Hide And Seek Holly” Suitable for age 3 and above this toy can be found on Amazon for around £25.

Between the soft toy and the remote you will need a total of 7 batteries which I consider to be quite a lot so I hope they last a long time. You hide Holly somewhere making sure she is switched on and then the other person uses the remote control to find her. The remote will tell you if you are warm or cold when you press the button. It will also tell you when you have found Holly but you have to pick her up and give her a cuddle for the remote to tell you she has been fund. This is a great toy if you have an only child as it enables them to play a game that would normally be played with other children or equally if you have more children but are lacking in places for them to hide. Molly doesn’t quite get the concept of hiding when we play hide and seek and she jumps out on you as soon as you have finished counting so I am hoping this will help her learn how to play properly. She really had fun trying to find Holly too.

We were sent this item for the purpose of this review.
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