Dora Sing Along Tour with Smyths and New Toy Range from Fisher Price

This summer sees the introduction of a brand new Dora and Friends toy range from Fisher Price. To celebrate there is also a Sing along tour at various Smyths toy store branches where there will be pop up karaoke booths, some of them will even have character appearances where your children will be able to get their photo taken with Dora so if you have a store near you its worth checking as this would be a great opportunity to entertain the kids for free over the summer holidays. Videos from the booth can also be entered into a competition where the winners will be featured on Nick Jr. Below is a list of dates and locations for you to check…


  • Waterfields Retail Park, Watford (Dora Costume Character)  – 27th July
  • Westwood Cross Shopping Park, Thanet  – 28th July
  • St. David’s Retail Park, Swansea – 29th July
  • Crown Retail Park, Leeds (Dora Costume Character) – 31st July
  • Clifton Moor Retail Park, York (Dora Costume Character) – 3rd August
  • Ravenhead Retail Park, St.Helens  – 5th August
  • Halls Mill Retail Park, Bury – 6th August
  • Middle Engine Lane, Wallsend – 10th August
  • Glasgow Fort Shopping Park, Glasgow (Dora Costume Character) – 12th August
  • Boulevard Retail Park, Aberdeen (Dora Costume Character) – 14th August

Sky Retail Stands

  • Brent Cross, London – 18th-19th July
  • The Centre MK, Milton Keynes – 25th – 26th July
  • White Rose, Leeds  – 1st- 2nd August
  • Intu Eldon Square, Newcastle  – 8th – 9th August
  • Bon Accord, Aberdeen – 15th – 16th August
If none of the locations are near you and you still want to enter the competition, all you have to do is record your little ones singing along to the Dora theme tune and upload via the tool on NickJr or via their facebook page before August 16th for a chance to be featured on Nick Jr.

The range includes some really great toys, there is a set of different character dolls, each one is 8 inches tall, dressed in a removable outfit with soft hair, poseable arms and legs and each one comes with an adventure charm that can be attached to the Fisher Price Dora and Friends charm bracelet. Each dolls is priced at £10.99

Dora Magic adventure charms priced at £7.99 is a play pack that includes a figure and a special charm bracelet that you can wear or share, the charms feature Perrito, a camera and Dora’s backpack.

Magic Charms Bracelet, this one has been very popular here, the bracelet comes with plenty of charms that can be removed and changed around to suit and also comes with two more bracelets that are great for sharing with friends. This is priced at £9.99

Dora smart phone, this one is suitable for age 2 and above. It looks just like the one from the show and is priced at £9.99 you press the screen to hear incoming calls, voice mails, bilingual phrases and songs.

My children have really enjoyed playing with these toys and thanks to there being bracelets to share there have been no arguments.

We were sent a selection of toys from the new range in return for this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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