Sugru – Fix that Thing

Introducing Sugru – A new kind of glue

Being a seriously creative person means that I am always looking for new things to try my hand at. I am most happy when I am being creative and so when I was asked to try out this new product I got my thinking hat on for ways I could use it creatively.

What is Sugru?
surgeIt’s a mouldable glue that sticks to anything. You start by shaping it and it will stick to almost anything, even different combinations of materials. You have 30 minutes to shape it to how you want as then it will start to air dry it will turn into a flexible silicone rubber after 24 hours of drying. 

The glue comes in lots of different colours and can be bought in different assorted packs from the Sugru Website where you can also find a whole host of uses for it. There are some extreme examples of the things people have used it for from fixing a charging cable to sending a camera into space. It is waterproof, it can withstand hot and cold temperatures and is removable if needed and its completely soft to the touch but still grippy. 

Well what did I do with mine? I know its not very daring but I started with fixing my iphone charger because the plastic protector had snapped off. I just had to try out pink first and have to say its just like playdoh, I think I may have used a bit too much but I know for next time. It dried over night and has been great ever since, I must admit my handy work wasn’t as neat as it could be but I was just playing around with it and I now want to see how creative I can be by making something for crafting with it like a stamp, a perfect excuse to get the kids playdoh tools out!

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