The Wubble Ball

The Wubble Ball is a huge bubble of a ball. It really does look like a big bubble. 
The wubble ball can be bought with or without a pump, with the pump the RRP is £19.99 and without £9.99 
In the box you get your flat ball, an electric pump which you need 4 x D batteries, which are not included and a tape measure.

wubble ball

At first we had problems pumping it up with the pump that is supplied inside the box so we used a foot pump to start it off and once the ball stretched a bit we switched over to the electric pump to inflate it fully. There is a tape measure included to make sure you don’t over inflate it which is good because the ball becomes more fragile when its fully inflated. It needs to be played with in an open space where there are no sharp edges. 

wubble ball

Once inflated we set our ball down ready to take out the following day but for some unknown reason it burst so when the second one arrived we inflated it at the park because it would have been too big too carry there and I didn’t want to risk it bursting before the kids had chance to play with it. I think our first one may have had a defect which maybe why we couldn’t inflate it very easily.

wubble ball

All 4 children had great fun bouncing it around the park and we didn’t inflate it to its full capacity as there was a slight wind and we were worried that the wind would carry it away.
My thoughts on this ball… its a great concept but it needs to be slightly more robust, given the price I wouldn’t want to keep replacing it so this is not something you can leave out for the kids to play with as and when, its more of a one time thing that would be great for the beach or for visiting other large open spaces.
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2 thoughts on “The Wubble Ball

  • Emma R

    Hi from the Weekend Blog Hop!

    My son says he wants this every time we see it advertised on TV. I just know that if we get one it will probably burst within 10 minutes, so I've resisted 🙂 I agree, for the price, I just wouldn't want to keep replacing it.

  • Samantha

    Haha my son always asks for this too. It's funny how commercials can immediately convince kids they NEED that. It looks fun, but I haven't indulged him yet. I agree that it looks a bit flimsy.