Childrens Baking Sets From Annabel Karmel

baking set

Baking sets for children

You may have heard of Casdon Toys, who specialise in role play toys for children, they have teamed up with lead baby food expert Annabel Karmel to introduce a new range of baking sets for children. 

We find that baking with the children is a great way to spend time together as a family and it helps the children to develop their life skills. I try to make sure everything is prepared before I tell the children what we are doing because if not it usually ends in baking hell. 

They were all excited to try out the new utensils from the baking set because they are fun, brightly coloured and all just the right size. The baking set comes with 75 different pieces so you can image the delightful looks on their little faces when they opened the box. This particular set is priced at around £24.99

Whats in the box:  

Baking Set

  •  1 mixing bowl with anti-slip base
  • 1 Silicone spatula
  • 1 Whisk
  • 1 Rolling pin
  • 1 Brush
  • 6 Measuring spoons
  • 10 Cookie cutters
  • 2 Mini pop cake trays
  • 1 Pop cake stand
  • 25 Paper sticks
  • 1 Decoration pen
  • 3 Icing bags with 8 nozzles
  • 4 Plastic cutters
  • 6 Mini silicone cups
  • 1 Mini cupcake tray
  • 1 Mini tart pan
  • 1 Cake mould
  • 14 recipes
flap jackWe had a look through the recipe ideas that are supplied with the baking set and decided to make one of our family favourites, flapjack. We often add some of our own bits in and today we added raisins. We used our own tin instead of the small loaf tine in the set because we had too much to fit in it. They were delicious, only thing is I gave the photography job for this review to my older daughter and of course there isn’t one of the final product because they were all too busy eating them to think about taking a photo! So all you can see is our mixture 🙂
pizza baking setOther sets in the range include the Mini pizza set which we have also used the quality is fantastic and the pizza cutter is completely safe to use, my 4 year old managed to have a go at cutting his own pizza safely. I love this set because if there is an adult pizza cutter around he has always tried to use it but never really allowed because he can be quite lively at times and has been known to throw things without warning, not a nice trait to have at the dinner table but this set has definitely made cooking more child friendly for us. The sets are suitable for age 5 and above but my 3 and 4 year old were still able to join in with supervision. 
The sets are dishwasher safe and suitable for ages 5 and above, they are very reasonably priced and are available to buy from Tesco or Smyths Toys, you can find more information about the sets on the Annabel Karmel website.
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