We are a big family with 4 children and a dog living in Surrey and trying to have as much fun as we can.


I love writing, crafting, sewing, photography and drawing and of course social media, anything creative really, I also love spending time with my crazy family.

My Husband Pete…

He is the craziest, loudest person in the house but he is also kind, honest and is always there for me no matter what, despite my many issues in life, he is my rock and and he is a brilliant dad. Pete loves to play tennis and he also likes cycling and running, he has completed the London Marathon once and would love to do it again one day.

Charlie… born in 1999

My biggest boy, he has Aspergers and ADHD, despite this and the challenges it has brought for us, he is an amazing person with many talents. He loves being outdoors and loves Lego, stunt scooting, skateboarding, cycling, fishing, army cadets and crafting, he has amazed me many times with his creativity.  He is working towards becoming a fire fighter, he makes me so proud!

Megan… born in 2003

My biggest girl, she is kind and caring and lights up any room that she walks into, she loves Lego, drawing, swimming, sports, TV, films, minecraft, playing any digital type of game on any available platform and is quickly becoming social media savvy with an ever growing following on Instagram.

George… born 2010

Youngest boy, he is challenging and cheeky but as you can see he has beautiful blue eyes and eyelashes that I am jealous of! He loves Lego, pirates, watching TV especially Fireman Sam and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, trains, cars, dinosaurs and getting into trouble!

Molly… Born 2012

My littlest and last baby. She has kidney reflux and so has been in and out of hospital all of her tiny life. Despite this she is an independent, happy and bubbly toddler who loves Peppa pig, Doc McStuffins, any soft toy she can cuddle, dressing up, role play, drawing and apparently biscuits but I think she loves ice cream more, she has the record in our family for being the quickest at eating ice cream!

Pickle… Born 2014

She is also cheeky and loves running, playing ball, eating anything that’s inedible and dressing up in Molly’s clothes.

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