Introducing New Ideas For Creative and Imaginative Play

Introducing New Ideas For Creative and Imaginative Play

Imaginative play times have evolved for us after having spent the last few years toddler chasing and and trying to balance life as a stay at home mum, part time student and housewife (thats a word I hate). It has been busy to say the least with the antics of my youngest son, we have had lots of messy adventures within our creative and imaginative play sessions so yes my whole house needs decorating.  I don’t see the point though, not until we are well and truly away from the stage of finding new artwork on the walls in various places around the house. I mean look at the angelic cheeky look on his face, this was his first day at nursery… 

First day at nursery

First day at nursery

It’s has been both fun and interesting and I can’t believe he is 5 already, it feels like we have been in our own little bubble and the time has flown past. What I really want to talk about is stages of play and how it feels like we have finally moved on to another stage of imaginative play. We have almost left the trashing and emptying any box or container we can find into bags to carry around the house or hide and just generally losing things that are meant to be part of sets, board games or the like. Here he is on his very first day of school…

First day at school

first day at school

We can start playing board games again and the lego play sessions are pretty much everyday now and space has been made for various different constructions that amaze me each time a new one is built. There is certainly a factor of independent imaginative play now which comes as a relief as I am able to go to another part of the house to do small jobs without worrying what might happen. You may think I am exaggerating but out of 4 children this little man is definitely the liveliest one. 

I want to go over some ideas for new ways to play because many of us me included have used technology to “babysit” the kids while we do the chores. I hate that I have done this but sometimes it can be so hard to break away from if you have lots going on.

I have found that providing a clean organised space has encouraged my youngest ones to play imaginatively. G likes all his action figures to be stored in one place but he often uses them to interact with different toys to the ones they are meant for. He hardly plays with his castle but the action figures that are meant for the castle are used with lego, knex and many other situations so they are stored in their own box which is easily accessible for him to be able to get them independently. 

We have also started to be more successful in teaching him how to clean up after himself. We had to be tough with this one and it has started to work thankfully.The rule we are trying to out in place is that if he gets a toy out then he puts it away before moving on to the next thing. This has meant less tidying at the end of the day which makes thing easier when they are tired.
I also find that decluttering regularly is something they enjoy (more than me) because they find toys they haven’t played with for a while. Usually they want to play with the ones that I want to get rid of. I also want to show them that there is no need to keep hold of things if they aren’t needed. 

Art Journaling 

We have also started doing art journals. I bought them each a sketch book and have showed them a few ideas of how to just fill the pages with expressive art, creating layers of different materials. This is a great way to use up any old bits of craft things that you have laying around. I love seeing a full art journal, stuffed with creativity. They have really enjoyed doing this because they see me doing things in my sketch books and it is nice to just be expressive without any direction and inspiration flows easily too. 

Art Journal

Art Journal

Art Journal for imaginative play

Art Journal


This summer coming is definitely the one to buy a tuff spot as I want to introduce some more messy imaginative play sessions that they can do in the garden where we find new ways to include the toys that will withstand messy play like lego, magnets, action figures and toy cars. 

What do you do to inspire your children to play creatively?

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One thought on “Introducing New Ideas For Creative and Imaginative Play

  • Fernando

    My daughter is 4 year old-now. Her every talk and many activities are surprised me all the time. When she was 11/12 months, she was starting to surprise me and all of my family members. After reading your article, I’m finding many similarities between your boy and my daughter (oh my daughter name is Jeniya). She is also talent like your little cute boy. Thank you for sharing your ideas. 🙂