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Max Tow Truck is a big truck that can pull up to 200b in weight. When we were asked if we would like to review a Max Tow Truck I knew my little man would love him, he loves playing with his cars but most of them are the smaller kind which usually get stuck under the sofa!

Whats in the box-

1 Max Tow Truck

1 Towing Chain with a hook at each end

1 Instruction manual

2 loose wheels to be fitted and assembled before play

The box Max Tow Truck arrives in is an open box so you can try out one of his 56 phrases by pressing the siren and you can also feel his wheels, they weren’t what I expected and are much softer and lighter than I thought.

What does the box say…

• Max can pull or push up to 200lbs (90kg) of weight.Max Tow Truck
– up to 200 American footballs.
– up to 600 American baseballs.
– up to 1800 American golf balls!
• Max has over 50 sounds and phrases
• Max is suitable for ages 6+
• Max requires six C batteries.
• Max has a free downloadable app!


Removal from the box assembly is really easy. The wheels just click into place, fit your 6 C batteries, remove the try me battery pack and you’re ready to go.

Max Tow TruckHe is amazingly strong and the children have been having fun hooking up things for him to pull along to put his strength to the test. He has pushed and pulled both of the younger children along and we even tested him pulling the 16 year old along too. He comes with a chain that has a towing hook on each end to make it easily attach to things to pull along. He can also climb but we are yet to test this feature as we haven’t tested him outside yet due to continuous bad weather but the children have had great fun arguing over who is in charge of the chain and who is going to be pulled along so I encouraged some role play. G was in charge of setting it all up and M pretended to be a princess being pulled along in her carriage. They both found this quite amusing.
To get Max to pull an item, just link his chain up from Max to the item you want to pull. Move Max’s shifter towards the back of the truck, then watch him pull your chosen object.

To get Max to push an something, push the big button on his bumper, then pull his shifter control to watch him go!
To get Max to climb an obstacle, press the siren, then pull his shifter and watch him mount the obstacles in his path. Today we put some random objects on the floor like cushions and puzzle boxes and nothing seems to get in his way. We had friends over and they all enjoyed seeing if Max Tow Truck could pull them along.

I managed to get a short clip of Max Tow Truck in action, you can view it below.


Boo Roo and Tigger Too
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