Epson Printer – The EcoTank ET-2500

A Printer to Save You Money


For as long as I have owned a printer I have always thought it was a costly process and have avoided printing anything unless its absolutely necessary. Most people would just buy cheap ink but I know from experience that some printers start playing up when using cheap alternatives and the cartridges aren’t recognised meaning you wasted more money. I have been studying graphic design at HNC/D level for the last year and have had no choice about printing except I have been lucky enough to be able to get most of it done at college. Usually as soon as I buy ink the kids suddenly have lots of printing needs that they absolutely must do so I don’t get much of a look in before one or more of the cartridges have been used. When I was asked to review an Epson EcoTank printer I couldn’t wait to get printing!

The Epson EcoTank ET-2500 printer is priced at £229.99 and in my opinion is worth every penny. It reduces printing costs by approximately 70% and is a 3-in-one that prints copies and scans. This is great for me as I am often scanning my drawings or paintings to manipulate them digitally for any design projects that I am working on. Our old printer was wireless but not compatible with apple devices. This is where I see a big difference too, it is great being able to print from my phone and will also save me time when I have to print something in a hurry.

Printer Set Up


It couldn’t be more simple to set up this printer and although it may seem a little daunting when you think about pouring ink from a bottle rather than clicking a cartridge into place it is actually really easy to do. I did take more care but the tanks have rubber lids which are really easy to open and there is a slot behind the tanks where you can put the lid while you fill them. This is a great feature and Epson really have thought of everything when they designed this printer. Being a creative person also come with being a little untidy at times so I did have thoughts about how much mess I would make but there was none apart from a tiny bit of ink that I got on my finger. Another great feature is the the ink bottles which have wings on the spout so filling the tank really is easier. You can just about see them in the photo below.


Here is a closer look at the wings on the spout, this meant that I could rest the bottle without causing an airlock, bubbles and a potential mess. What a brilliant idea this is.


The high capacity of ink means that its less fuss, less expense and less frequent refills. These tanks hold enough ink to last for up to 2 years, thats an average of up to 4000 black and white prints and up to 6500 colour prints. This obviously depends how frequently you use your printer and they quality settings that you choose. At the moment I am mainly using it for research to use in my sketchbooks for my HND Graphics course so I have been keeping to the plain paper setting.

The ink replacement bottles are £7.99 each from the Epson website so thats £31.96 for all four to fill the tanks back up. I was spending that every couple of months before so the saving is enormous. You also get a free extended 3 year warranty on the printer when you buy direct from Epson.

After filling the tanks with ink I didn’t have to try too hard to install the software onto my Mac and other laptops in the house. Although an installation CD was included, I don’t have a disc drive on my Mac so it was all done wirelessly with ease.

I then installed the free smartphone app to test the print speed and quality from my phone. This was also really easy to set up and printed even quicker than from a desktop computer.  The app has some great capabilities, You can print from anywhere in the world, you can snap an image of a document from your device then format it and save it to be printed, it is compatible with many document file programmes and it will even scan from your device as well

Over all I think this printer is brilliant and I haven’t found anything to pick fault with so if you are thinking of buying a new printer then definitely consider one of the Epson EcoTank printers as there are others at different prices which may suit your needs.

We were sent this item in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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