My Spring Wardrobe Wish List

I Have Lost 2 Stone!

After having 4 children, not having time to exercise, or the energy for that matter, I have never really lost the baby weight. I have never had a problem when trying to losing weight but I seem to put it on more easily now I am  bit older. With my health problems it hasn’t been easy but last year I decided I would try and eat more healthily, stop eating the obligatory chocolate bar when nobody was looking and actually try to lose weight. I have never been someone who can stick to diets and when I try and be strict with myself I end up wanting the forbidden food even more so I took a more gentle approach by stopping those habits and getting into a better food routine. I gave up most of the sugar and processed foods in my diet. I used coconut oil and milk to stave of hunger and cravings and I was kind to myself if I did eat something bad. I went out for a jog a few times but for me that kind of exercise is purely for well being and staying in a good mental state.

I still have a way to go but I have just dropped 2 dress sizes and never in a million years did I think I would fit in a small or a size 10 but here I am and of course all the while I have been wearing baggy clothes to cover up when the fashion was tight fitting clothes and now I have lost weight most of the things I am seeing in the shops are baggy. My confidence is getting there slowly and I am starting to enjoy clothes shopping again.

I have put together a few things that are on my wish list for the new spring season now all I need is some child free time to go and try them on and make my purchases.

Here is my wish list…

Brantano shoes

I love these ballerina shoes but currently don’t own any so these are top of my list and a bargain at £22 from Brantano. I don’t think I own any blue shoes so this year I am definitely getting some. Whats great is that Brantano have some special offers on at the moment too so I may end up buying more pairs.

wish list

Ok I have realised that I love grey clothes, I don’t intentionally go and choose everything grey but you can see what I have done here, yes chosen grey items. I don’t know if it’s habit but I just like the colour grey, I am going to have to accessorise with some brighter colours. Maybe thats one of the reasons I go for neutral colours like grey and navy blue. Then I can wear a bright green scarf if I want to. I am creative but never been one of those people that can chuck a few odd things together and there look great. The amount of times I have tried that and needed up trying 20 different combinations and still not looking right. I think a bit part of that was confidence though. This is a Gray & Willow Pia layered Jersey dress and I really liked how it looked on the model so lets just hope I can get away with it. It looks comfortable anyway and that is something thats important to me when choosing clothes.

wish list

 Mint Velvet Ombre Batwing Knit – I absolutely adore this, yes I did it again it’s grey but not completely, this is the sort of thing I love wearing and now the children aren’t babies anymore there is a good chance of the top half staying white.

wish list

Mango skinny jeans, a basic for the wardrobe but I live in jeans and at the moment I have 2 pairs the same because I have always found it really hard to find jeans that are a good fit. I am really bored of wearing them now and they are becoming a bit baggy, baggy skinny jeans are not a good look. My daughter has some Mango jeans and she loves them, says they are comfy and they look good on her so I am hoping these will do the same for me.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing that you always wear?

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