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Stable Life

As a child I was always wandering off for little walks. On a Sunday my Mum and I used to go for a really long walk with the dog. We always used to pass the horse field and I always used to stop and say hello to them. A little girls dream to own a horse wasn’t going to come true for me. I always wanted my own horse. When I was big enough I was allowed to ride my bike to the stables to help out. That usually meant mucking out but I didn’t mind. It usually meant being able to take the horses back to the field and getting to help groom them too.
I remember once there was this really huge horse that I had to take back to the field. He trod on my toe but luckily he wasn’t wearing shoes so it didn’t hurt as much!

New Generation

Now my daughter has the horse bug and has had a few lessons. I am hoping this leads to her helping out at the stables in return for being able to ride the horses and ponies as it is quite costly at £25 for a half an hour lesson. I have managed to find some great equestrian clearance stores to get her gear from which is really handy.
I used to take any opportunity I could to go riding but I have never been lucky enough to have my own horse. I know M would love a horse too. Another Equestrian Clearance store that I found also have lots to choose from and they also have a selection of things you can buy for other pets such as dogs. Even now if I am walking past a field with a horse in I have to go and say hello, they are such gorgeous creatures. If horse riding lessons are something you are thinking of for yourself or your child then there are some handy guides around to help you decide how to choose a riding school.

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