Ways To Make Guests Feel Welcome in Your Home



I love it when my family and friends come to stay, and in an ideal world I’d be able to offer them an entire room that was always ready for any surprise visits, but finances and lack of space means that this just isn’t possible. However, due to the fact that I often have loved ones come to visit and I want them to enjoy themselves as much as possible while they are here I have managed to come up with a few ideas that mean any guests are completely comfortable during their stay.


Provide the Little Things

I love making people feel welcome in my home and I believe it’s those little extra touches that ensure my family and friends know how much their visits mean to me. I always leave an unopened, new toothbrush, clean towels, and miniature toiletries and toothpaste on their bed, rather than in the bathroom, so they know these are exclusively for their use. Basic toothbrushes and toiletries don’t even have to cost that much and you can actually find toothbrushes for as little as 25p in some supermarkets!


The Bed Dilemma

If, like me, you don’t have a spare bed that can be left vacant until a guest arrives, you have to get a little creative. I have discovered the perfect solution for this situation in the form of zip and link Divan beds. These handy beds are spacious whether together or apart and ensure that you will always have a spare bed available without it taking up space in another room which you may use for other purposes when guests aren’t there. Whilst researching these types of bed, I came across the Bedstar range of zip and link beds which fall well within my budget and are also available in several different styles.


Ample Storage

Whether your guests are the type to travel light, or are likely to pack everything bar the kitchen sink, they will appreciate somewhere to store their things. Should the spare room be lacking in space, think about fitting cupboards on walls, rather than taking up room with free-standing cupboards and drawers. A small clothes rail is an affordable option and without bulky doors or drawers getting in the way, will easily fit in even the smallest of rooms, and can be dismantled when not in use.


Gadgets and Gizmos

Making guests feel welcome is all about providing a home from home, and this should include the provision of home comforts. Not many people will pack a hair-dryer or a radio, so why not leave these items in their room to make their stay more enjoyable? If your budget permits, a television in their room is also a thoughtful convenience which they are certain to appreciate.


Don’t Take Things for Granted


You may know this person well and expect them to make themselves at home when they visit, but remember, they are your guest and may not want to intrude, no matter how many times you reassure them that they should treat your home as their own. There are certain things you can do to make them feel a little more comfortable, such as pointing out where the spare toilet rolls are kept so they don’t have to ask if it runs out. The same goes for medications such as pain killers or sickness tablets; let them know where the first aid kit is kept and that they can access the medicine cabinet if needs be.


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