Decorating Your New Home

We Have a New Home

new home

We recently moved into a newly built house. Finally a place that feels like home. A perfect blank canvas to decorate exactly how we would like it. I am really enjoying buying things to give each room some character. We have lots of plans for certain areas of the house. In the garden we would like to add a decked area to house our garden table and chairs. The kitchen has no space for a dish washer which has made washing up more time consuming than any other household task. We have six people in the house. This means lots of washing up. A dish washer would make life easier but we have to move cupboards and replace worktops. This will be on hold for a short while so I can get my freelance business up and running properly.

While we wait to get this bigger things sorted I have been looking around for soft furnishings and pieces of furniture. I am looking for things that will not only be functional but fit the colour scheme and look of each room. I have chosen the colour scheme of the lounge and kitchen but no other rooms as yet. We have to wait a year to decorate. So I haven’t even thought of looking at wall paper but I know the kind of thing I would like for my bedroom. I am sure my husband will have other ideas when he sees what I would like. He will get fed up of me being indecisive though and at some point he will say “just get whatever you want so long as you get something”.

Make do and Upcycle

My oldest daughter has decided that she would like elephants included in the decor of her room. As we do lots of crafting at home I decided to spruce up the curtains from her old bedroom and do some appliqué elephants from my fabric scrap box. These may just be temporary until we can decorate properly but I think they turned out really well. We had some elephant shapes left over so I made a fleece cushion cover and my daughter really loves it and says its really comfy.

There are some brilliant inspirational ideas on Pinterest. If you are thinking that one of your rooms needs brightening up it doesn’t mean you always have to go and spend load of money on something. I hate throwing things away if they can be reused so I was really pleased with my efforts on these items. The fabric was already in my craft room so they didn’t cost me a penny really. I have found some really nice things I would like to buy. For bigger purchases I always shop around. I found a Debenhams Discount code recently and I adore their home department. I will definitely be able to put this to good use.



Shabby Chic

I found these love hearts in a craft shop really cheaply. I think they look great hanging on the bedroom door.


When I saw this set of drawers I knew exactly where they would be placed. The shabby chic look is really nice. I don’t think it would look right throughout the house but in this small room they look perfect. We are yet to find the shelving we would like for this room. It would be really nice if the shelving matches the drawers but it is quite a hard colour to match. I really do love this piece of furniture though.

shabby chic


I want to step up my colour ideas and create some more canvas pictures to hang up. This is something that will be done when I have more time for personal art and we have decorated the walls. What are your favourite styles or colours that you choose for your home?

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  • Kate Evans

    Hello, these are the best way to decorate home in a new way. I really loved your home decorating idea. I will surely use this idea for my home. Thanks for sharing this amazing decorative idea.