5 Ways To Make Your Home Look Amazing

Does Your Home Need Some Improvements?

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Soon it will be a new year. People will start new things and make improvements in their lives. It is also a good time to evaluate your surroundings and consider what home improvements you can make. It could be something as small as organising a cupboard or you might want to think bigger and look at how you can change your home to make it work better for you. There is always room for improvement.

Make a List

Is there anything that bothers you about your home? Is there a drawer that never closes properly? or a room that always looks untidy no matter what you do with it. List the things that you think could be better. Then look at how you can resolve the issue and the options available to you. Source ideas and inspiration and then make a plan. Work out what it will cost and see if it can be sorted quickly or if it needs further planning. Keep your list and don’t pressure yourself to work through it.

Do make sure that when you start one of the projects that you give yourself a time limit and stick to it. This will help you to feel more accomplished when you have worked your way through it. You could use an app such as Wunderlist to help you keep on track of your home improvements.

Utilise Space

Is there a corner of your home somewhere that isn’t used much or maybe you have somewhere that keeps accumulating junk. You could use that space to create storage. Some poeple like having everything on display while others prefer the minimalist look. I like clutter free but it never works out that way when you have 4 children. If you like to sit quietly in a corner and read then you can create a reading space somewhere in the house for you or your children. Set up a permanent den for the kids. Get creative with your ideas and  produce something unique which leads me onto my next tip.

Create a Feature

Your home will look amazing if you can create a feature which will wow any guests you have over. It could be bifold doors which open up your house to create more of an open space leading into your garden. You could make something from old wooden pallets to create a unique garden feature. It doesn’t always have to cost the earth especially if you are creative. If not then there is a wealth of experts who would be able to make something suitable.

Is there something you have in storage that you could hang up somewhere on display? That thing you treasure which you have hidden away to keep it safe will be appreciated much more if it was on display.

Refurbishing old features of the house can really bring a place to life. I love houses that have the old wooden flooring restored. It gives lots a character to a home. If your house has a hidden fireplace you could re-open it and bring it back to its original beauty.

Give Rooms a Makeover

A lick of paint or new wallpaper could give a room a whole new look. Upcycle ornaments to match the new colour scheme. Go for a big accent item to make the room pop. Or even make a feature wall. I have started a photo wall in my entrance hall. The frames are randomly placed. This means I don’t really have to measure to make everything line up. We love how it looks and it can be added to without disrupting the ones already displayed. It is surprising how different a room looks with things hung on the walls.

Moving furniture around will also give a fresh look to a room. This can create more free space and make a room look bigger. Mirrors are great if you have a small room and want to make it look bigger. As long as you place it opposite a window it will get the desired effect. You can also make a room look bigger by painting in lighter colours. If you prefer darker colours then you can either use the darker colours on the bottom half of the walls or just accessorise with the darker colours.

Fix It

Broken taps, door handles, creeky floor boards, cracks in the walls or ceilings, loose tiles or peeling paint will all add to a place looking shabby. Keep on top of the little jobs on a regular basis and they won’t become bigger jobs. Descale the water fittings regularly and not only will it keep them in good working order but they will look much nicer too.

Fix or replace anything that needs it. Broken things end up as the clutter in the corner when procrastination kicks in. I have started to use one day of the weekend at least once a month where I go around the house doing the tasks that have been put on hold. More things get accomplished that way.

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