Interior Design through the Eyes of a Teen

Interior Design through the Eyes of a Teen: Parent-Proofing Your Home

Parenting is, for lack of a better word, a fluid endeavor that changes over time. From child proofing your home when you have toddlers running around to finding ways to ‘parent-proof’ rooms so your very secretive teens feel safe and secure. You can pretty much tell who lives in the home just by looking at the decor.

So, it’s time to do away with some of the child proof cabinet locks. Paint over the Disney mural on the playroom walls because your children have suddenly become teens overnight. Here are some thoughts on parent-proofing certain areas of your home so your teens can have their ‘space’. You can be assured that they are not going unmonitored for safety reasons.

Starting with the Play Room

Now it’s time to use that online masters degree in philosophy you earned from Rutgers as a stay-at-home mom. Any parent of teenagers is both a philosopher and a psychologist because you always need to be one step ahead of those freedom-seeking kids. Start with the play room and you’ll be at least two-steps ahead of even the most challenging teens.

Turn it into a game room. Complete with laptops, game systems, and a subscription to some of the more challenging game rooms that will hold their attention for hours on end. All it takes to keep your kids at home ‘after hours’ is a state-of-the-art game room and you’ll never need to hunt down even the most wayward of kids.

Declaring No-Mum Zones

Anyone who studied a master of arts in history online, or in a campus setting, can tell you that parenting techniques change over time. From a time in history when wives and children were seen as a man’s possessions. To the current era where kids seem to rule the roost and are altogether too entitled, there comes a happy medium you can enjoy.

No, you don’t need to give your children complete liberty to do, say and act as they please. You can give them zones where they are free to be teens and where moms are declared off-limits. Within reason that is. You wouldn’t be a good mother if you didn’t ‘check in’ from time to time, but a quick glance is all you need. Not a lengthy discourse on what they’re doing and why.

Let Your Kids Have a Hand in Designing Their Space

One thing you may never get over is the fact that your kids are computer savvy even before leaving pre-school! Did you know that many schools begin teaching basic programming codes as early as primary school. Then onto computer technology throughout every year thereafter? You will be surprised at how easy it is for your teen to navigate an interior design AutoCAD program before you can even boot up your laptop to start searching Google images for ideas on furnishing the games room.

Before you can load the first picture, your teen will have the entire dimensions of the room charted out. Where they want the furniture to be. They will also tell you where you can find the best deals on the latest gaming systems. Whether already released or soon to be released games they just must have in their newly designed game room.

Want to parent-proof your home? Just ask your teen and you’ll get all the help you need. That’s a promise!

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