Need More Space?

Do You Need To Make More Space?

I always need more space. It doesn’t matter how much room there is in the house, there is always a need for better storage solutions. There are lots ways to overcome this. De-cluttering is the cheapest option as you can sell things that are no longer of use. Recently I sold lots of children’s clothes that have been outgrown. I made a decent amount of money from it.

With this being a new house it does have storage but it lacks anywhere to display things. I don’t have many ornaments right now.  But now the children are through the baby and preschool stages. I would really like to have some nice coordinating things on display. Any surface that ornaments should live on has various family belongings dumped on. Mainly my desk is the place that is used as a dumping ground. This is really annoying for me when I need the space to work in my sketch book or iPad at the side of the computer. I am always making a pile of everyone elses belongings at the bottom of the stairs where they usually stay until I pick them up and put them in the correct bedrooms.

DIY Solutions

Do we really need more space or do we just need to utilise what we have in a better way. I am always trying to improve the way things are organised in the house. No matter what I try we still end up with cluttered cupboards and drawers. Pinterest is a great place for some DIY storage solutions and I am all for a bit of up-cycling. There are some amazing hacks on there.

My most recent up-cycling projects have included pen pots made from the bright pink Vanish tubs and a brightly painted shelf to display lots of our Lego Mini Figures…

These were great projects to work on and I really enjoyed making the Finding the Time

It’s quite a slow process with all these home improvement projects as I only get time to work on them at weekends. So we still have a cluttered coat cupboard and under stairs storage cupboard. I am making progress though so at least heading in the right direction. I have been putting off the jobs that involve drilling or attaching things to the walls as they are all plaster board. Various things like towel and toilet roll holders that were fitted by the builders have already fallen off the walls. This doesn’t give me much confidence to do the job myself even though I know I could and have done it before.

I just don’t want to mess it up. The bathroom cabinet I bought has been waiting patiently on the bathroom floor for about a month. I think I need a home improvement weekend before Christmas arrives as we have friends and family visiting. It would be really nice to have the place looking more finished.

I think the fact that we can’t decorate until we have been in the property for a year has put me off. Mainly because I feel that I can’t choose matching accessories without actually decorating first. I really love some of the wallpapers I have seen in some of the local DIY stores. I know that making my final decision will be so tough.

Bigger Changes

Recently I have been considering converting the loft so I have somewhere to escape to and where I only have to put up with my own clutter. There are a few ways to do this. One – I do it myself with the help of my amazing friend. We recently fitted wooden laminate flooring to her new flat all by ourselves without any real previous experience. Girl Power! If I can do that then I can probably convert a loft. The thought of it scares me a bit though. Things could go wrong and I could end up costing us a lot of money. Two – I pay someone else to do it but that would mean saving up for some time. Who knows, by the time we have saved I may be going out to work instead of continuing with the freelancing from home.

I would still want to make improvements to the house though. I can already see it. A cosy warm carpet, walls decorated in a way that would inspire my creativity and with a big roof lantern to pull all of the natural light in.  I have to keep dreaming for the time being. At least until I build up my client base a bit more and get a more regular income. If money was no object then I would definitely pay someone to convert the loft. I would also build a summer house or conservatory with a decked area to house our garden furniture.

On reflection I think we have plenty of space here we just need to utilise it better so things stay more organised.

It’s nice to have a plan though. What would you change about your home if money was no object?

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