The 5 Most Incredible Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Are you caring for your hair properly?

Hair Loss

There are lots of reasons why hair loss occurs and it can happen to anyone at any age. Lots of my hair fell out every time I was pregnant. Breastfeeding didn’t help either. All of your nutrients are on direct route to the baby so there isn’t much left for mum. Many women will panic when it first happens to them. I did, even though I have lots of hair. The amount that would fall out when I washed my hair was enough to block the plug hole each time. This left me worrying that I would lose it all. Until I found out that it can be quite normal for hair loss to occur during pregnancy. I had to get a fringe cut in during my first pregnancy as it looked as though my hair-line was receding.

When you think about what your hair goes through do you think that you give it the attention it needs? I know I could do better than the current amount of attention my hair gets. They do say that you can find the best remedies for things in the kitchen so if you can’t afford something like Hair Transplant UK then read on for 8 of the most incredible hair loss prevention tips.


Massage your scalp on a regular basis. Use coconut, or almond oil or if you havent got either of those you can use any hair oil. This stimulates the scalp and the folicles. This is something I always did with with my children when they were babies and none of them ever developed cradle cap. You can try using a soft brush as this will have the same effect.

Meditate –

Stress one of the biggest causes of health issues. You may not feel particularly stressed but I am sure even the calmest of people even have stressful situations to deal with. If you don’t attempt to acknowledge it and fit in some relaxation it can manifest in different ways which result in health problems. Like hair loss, enzyma, psoriasis and other skin conditions can also be a result of stress and usually other inflamitory diseases can become worse. I often find that when your immmune system is down and trying to deal with a problem it has a knock on effect and any other on going ailments worsen.

Meditation isn’t always about sitting in funny positions and chanting to the gods. Sit or lay in a quiet place and just concentrate on your breathing for 5 minutes. If you can focus on the rise and fall of your chest this will help remove any other thoughts from your head. I have ADHD and I have to try really hard to do this. Even though I still get random things popping into my head and never manage to fully blank everything from my mind I still feel the benefit of meditation. I feel more calm and relaxed after and this will help you to deal with stressful situations. Either play some relaxing music or search youtube for some quick meditations as often there will be someone with a calming voice guiding you through the meditation.

Take Care of The Hair You do Have

If you are already losing more hair than usual then you need to consider how you are treating your barnet. Do you tie your hair up regularly? putting it into tight hairbands could be contributing to your hair loss. When you wash your hair its best not to brush it while its still wet. This stretches the strands of hair and causes more breakages.

Towel drying your hair is good but gently. Squeeze the water out with the towel and don’t rub it. If you have the time to leave your hair wrapped in a towel after washing then it will come out feeling in much better condition because the water naturally soaks out of your hair and into the towel.

I straighten my hair quite a bit but sometimes when other people do it I can feel it breaking when its pulled. I try and avoid this and always apply a heat protection product before styling.

Good Food

Are you eating enough of the right foods? Foods high in protein and rich in other essential vitamins will all contribute to having a healthy head of hair. B vitamins are known for promoting good hair growth and health. They are also the vitamins that help with your energy levels. Drink plenty of water. There are a wide variety of apps around to help you reach daily goals with food and water intake. I simply buy large bottles of water and then I know that once I have consumed a whole bottle in a day then I have reached my target.

There are heaps of easy to follow healthy recipes around and you will find that trying something new can be really enjoyable. You never know you might find a new favourite.

Avoid Chemicals

If you are going to treat your hair or want to colour it try and avoid chemical treatments. Look for natural hair colours or natural healing treatments that don’t have any chemicals in the ingredients. Chemicals can weaken your hair and will only contribute to further hair loss. There are many places to find natural hair care products. One of my favourite places is the Body Shop as they don’t test their products on animals and are 100% natural.

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