5 Fabulously Fresh Ideas for a Successful Party

Pick a Theme

If you really want something different at your next celebration why not pick a theme. It doesn’t have to mean fancy dress or something that has been done a million times before. A children’s party could be themed just by the decorations you use. Get creative and make huge cardboard shapes, paper mache them and paint them.

I did this for an underwater themed party once and the result was very warmly welcomed by the guests. Huge tropical fish shapes hanging from the ceiling with crepe paper seaweed everywhere. You could extend on this if you are able and add sand around the edges of the room with buckets and spades. This kind of thing also provides extra entertainment for when guests are standing around or children in between party games. Food can also be taylored to run in with your chosen theme. The possibilities are endless. If you are not creative enough to make your own decorations there are companies out there that can provide help with this.

Greet Your Guests

I have been to many parties where after entering the room I am left feeling really awkward because either I don’t know anyone or everyone seems to be talking to someone else already. Especially if the host is too busy with party running to stand and chat for long.  If any of your guest are a bit anxious about these situations then they won’t know what to do with themselves. The best parties I have been to have been the ones where I have felt included from the minute of arrival.

Greet your guests as quickly as possible and introduce them to at least one person they don’t know. Offer them a drink too. They may not be feeling comfortable enough to help themselves. This also goes for kids parties. You wouldn’t just leave your child standing alone and come back at pick up time. I always make sure my children find someone they know or encourage them to join in. People can still feel alone in a crowded room. If you see any of your guests looking anxious go and make them feel included. Ask for help with something. This will make someone feel needed, even if you don’t like accepting help its going to make a difference to that parsons party experience.


Planning your playlist is essential. Even if you have a DJ or a band for your party. You need to make sure that you have a variety of styles. Think about your guests and if there are particular songs you know they like. If you have chosen a good band they will discuss choice of songs with you and then there will be no nasty surprises of a band breaking into heavy metal when you were expecting classical music. You should start with something relaxing and slowly move through the eras of music and the guests that are still partying at the later stages will enjoy the variation and will be reminiscing over songs they haven’t heard in ages.

Spice it up

What food are you planning? Try and think outside the box. You might be sticking with traditional food and that is absolutely fine. Just try and think of a way to make something ordinary look different from the norm. You could arrange them artistically or add little decorations to the plates like miniature flags, or garnishes to make things look more interesting.

Think of your favourite meals and make miniature versions. Frozen alcoholic drinks made into ice lollies with big fruit chunks for the adults and a non alcoholic version with smaller chunks for the children. You could make your own popcorn bar or dessert bar with a variety of sweet toppings. You will find lots of inspiration for a children’s party from EatsAmazing. Grace is incredibly inspirational when it comes to food for children.

Something Unique

Think of something you don’t usually see at parties. Something that everyone will remember. It could be a display of wild animal such as bats and spiders. Or something that will capture the presence of your guests like a memory book for people to write it. Or canvas for messages or finger prints that you can all look back on with fond memories. I would really love to hire a photo booth for a summer party. I could really see that being a popular choise for a wedding party. You could have a selection of props and backgrounds to add to the fun and it will be really entertaining for the guests. 


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