Pick a Theme If you really want something different at your next celebration why not pick a theme. It doesn’t have to mean fancy dress or something that has been done a million times before. A children’s party could be themed just by the decorations you use. Get creative and […]

5 Fabulously Fresh Ideas for a Successful Party

I so wish I had more time to make things, I would have made lots of new tree decorations this year as I love making things, from drawings, paintings, greetings cards to anything else crafty. I have seen some amazing ideas around and really wanted to try some out, our […]

Crafty Christmas Star

Every year my mother-in-law always tells us that they don’t want anything for christmas, that they would be happy with a card but I know they always appreciate the gesture. They do a lot for us and when we go and stay with them we usually get some flowers sent […]

Christmas Hampers at Interflora